By Sharon Marcus

Everything on land

Exists in the sea,

Two realms: One revealed,

One a mystery;

Connected, but different

Universes in play,

They joined forces at Yam Suf

One fateful day.


The Hebrews were freed,

Thought the danger was clear,

But looking back, saw a vision

That gripped them with fear:

Pharaoh’s massive army,

Armed to the hilt,

War chariots and horsemen

Charging at full tilt.

Egypt’s sar flying

At the side of its king,

Egypt was destroyed

But revenge was coming.


Between the devil and the

Deep blue sea,

Pilishta in the mountains

Watched bloodthirstily.

But they had One Friend

Who had matters in Hand,

This showdown would be

Pharaoh’s last stand.

When it seemed to all

That their fate was sealed,

The seas congealed,

Twelve corridors revealed.


All the world’s waters

Split then and there,

The revealed and hidden worlds

Laid bare;

Seas of heaven

And those of the human soul

Split to reveal

Their inimitable whole.

All of Hashem’s children

Saw prophecy,

The workings of the cosmos

In symmetry.


The curtain was lifted

By HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

The workings of His Glory

Came into view,

Glimpsed the timeline of creation,

History’s sequence of events,

The suffering, the majesty

It all made sense;

Supernatural cognition

Realized there and then,

We’d never be the same again;

We were like dreamers,

Pure and unflawed,

In wonderland

We walked with G-d.


Pursuers like Pharaoh

Still exist today,

The Promised Land

And its people, their prey.

Just a sliver, Israel can barely

Be seen on a map;

World consensus denies

Israel even that.

Your fate awaits, rodefs,

May it come soon,

Your own hardened hearts

Will lead to your doom.


We will be as dreamers

A second time,

We will once again

Glimpse the divine;

As in dreams, times of pain

Will seem like seconds

That have passed,

G-d’s children again

Truly free, at last.

 By Sharon Marcus