Facial rollers have recently received lots of publicity and have become the latest beauty craze. You can find them in department stores, drug stores, online, and various other places.  These tools look pretty and are mainly made of jade and rose quartz or an imitation of such stones. They originally made their debut in Ancient China during the 17th century as a beauty ritual, and have now been commercialized. They can be rolled on the skin in the morning, evening, or both, proclaiming to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, help with puffiness and lymphatic drainage, plus reduce dark circles. There are many that sing their praises. And yes, they can (slightly) reduce undereye puffiness, if it’s due to fluid retention.  In my opinion, they look pretty and are basically like a nice daily facial massage. They do increase circulation, but they don’t perform miracles. It’s not going to create significant changes in your complexion or have an effect on inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Plus, if you don’t use it correctly or are too harsh with it, it may be harmful to those with sensitive skin, rosacea or broken capillaries.

You will also need to disinfect it with some soap and water or wipe with some alcohol, so that you don’t spread bacteria to your clean face.

Facial rollers are tiny, cool feeling rolling pins that are swept across your face to help with lymphatic drainage, which is usually not an ongoing condition anyhow.  To use, simply apply a few drops of your favorite serum or oil to a clean face and gently roll up and down until the product is well absorbed.   To reduce undereye puffiness and help with lymphatic drainage, massage very lightly and gently under the eyes.

At the end of the day, rollers can feel nice and refreshing and are basically a pretty addition to your beauty kit, so enjoy the ride if you wish.  In truth, keep your expectations realistic and don’t expect them to be magic beauty wands.

Risselle Naimark is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant. She carries an extensive line of personalized skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. Risselle is also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, makeup lessons, and all of your beauty needs. She can be reached at 718 263-5517.