Rabbi Amnon Itzhak Shlita will again be arriving in North America this week. After the huge success of the last two tours in the area it was decided to create a third tour. So far, a total of eight lectures have been scheduled for the region spanning from Toronto to Miami and from New York to Las Vegas. According to the planners, additional lectures are usually added during the visit of three weeks.

Rabbi Amnon Itzhak has been famous all across the Jewish world since he began giving small lectures in the late 1970s. In the 1980s, the Rav came to the USA and Americans had the chance to find answers to all their obstacles concerning belief, Aliyah to Israel, and more.

Many people’s lives have been saved or improved spiritually in America and across the globe since the Rav began 40 years ago. There are today around 1 million Ba’aley Tshuva thanks to the lectures of Rabbi Amnon Itzhak.

Many Jews in America and across the globe have experienced miracles that seldomly have been seen elsewhere. Often women who were married for years without having children accepted to take basic things upon themselves such as head coverings, and experienced miracle thanks to the blessings of the Rav.

You can find hundreds of authentic miracles and Yeshoes on www.shofar.tv

Unfortunately, there have been many attempts from different political angles during the last few years to prevent the Rav from continuing his activity, but BH nothing has stopped the Rav from moving forward. Since the very first day more than 40 years ago, there has hardly been a week without a lecture, not to mention the days of Elul prior to Rosh Hashona in which there are lectures on a daily basis. The lectures are transmitted live on the website, www.shofar.tv, and YouTube, and later distributed on CD, disc on key, etc. And all this for free!

A lot investment is needed to arrange lectures such as these in the USA: logistics, electric equipment, a well experienced team of workers and countless numbers of volunteers, marketing etc.

Shofar emphasizes that anyone can take part in the precious and holy work. Either by making donating through www.shofar.tv or calling Shofar USA: (917)9817101.

It’s definitely the best investment that one can make – since it isn’t the result that counts but rather the effort invested.

During the last lectures in North America (summer 2022), Jews from all the different streams within Judaism could be seen: from Seculars to Litvaks and Chusidim All came to listen  about musar, closeness to Hashem, Aliyah to Eretz Israel, Geulah, and of course the Rav’s numerous warnings about the vaccines and Covid. Today, it’s clear that many have been rescued since the Ravs warnings about New World Order, etc.

At the end of each lecture, Jews from all over always ask the Rav questions and ask the Rav to bless them. As mentioned, people often see miracles later on in different issues as parnasah, sholom bayis, health and ruchanius.

Thanks to the numerous visits made by the Rav to the US, and with the wide knowledge that the Rav has gathered about Jews in America, the visitors feel that the Rav understands them and that he can relate to their issues.

With new destinations this time such as Toronto, Las Vegas, Miami, and with additional lectures coming up in August 2023, the excitement is extremely high and many Jewish lives will soon change for the good!

For donations and if you’re interested in volunteering at Shofar, please call: 917-981-7101.