(NEW YORK) — The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) launched www.RentAdjustmentNYC.com, a comprehensive report supporting reasonable rent increases from New York City’s Rent Guidelines Board, a cable TV spot called “Meet Joyce” ahead of the final RGB vote on Tuesday, June 21 at 7:30 P.M, as well as additional messaging in outlets ranging from El Diario to Amsterdam News, Sing Tao, the New York Daily News, AM New York / Metro and over a dozen other publications.

New York City. For example, the report references data compiled by the NYC Rent Guidelines Board that the average rent check for a rent-stabilized apartment falls $47 short of covering a housing provider’s costs.

Also cited in CHIP’s 2022 NYC Housing Report is the Daily News editorial board comment that “landlords are contending with the very same inflation, mostly in the form of rising property taxes and energy costs, and are coming off a period of about a decade of low/ nonexistent increases, which made a sharp adjustment at some point almost inevitable.”

The NYU Furman Center, one of the most respected authorities on housing and urban planning in the country, is featured in the report stating “if rent increases are insufficient to cover increased operating costs and to compensate for the impact of inflation, then negative consequences are almost certain to follow over time.”

Readers of the report will also be able to see a breakdown of costs per unit, infographics highlighting inflation versus RGB rent adjustments over the years, the increase in share of distressed properties over time, and more.

The RentAdjustmentNYC.com website hosts the full 2022 NYC Housing Report, as well as CHIP’s new cable spot “Meet Joyce.” The website will be promoted in local press and on CHIP’s social media channels beginning today and through Tuesday, June 21st.

The new “Meet Joyce” TV spot was filmed in lower Manhattan and profiles a small property manager outlining her struggles to keep up with rising heating, water and property tax costs, as well as the over 8% inflation hitting the country. This spot is being aired on over a dozen channels in the New York City market, as well as over 200,000 CTV and VOD spots in the greater Metropolitan area. CHIP also has a 30-second Spanish language spot airing on Spectrum’s Spanish channels.

“There is so much noise around the RGB hearings and final vote we felt, as an organization whose members have been struggling like the rest of New York, we needed to speak with a clear voice that reasonable rent adjustments are needed to preserve the over one million rent-stabilized units in New York City,” said CHIP Executive Director Jay Martin. “The findings in our report are indisputable that reasonable rent adjustments are not just needed, but long overdue. Our cable TV spot featuring a small property manager in lower Manhattan is exactly what’s happening to thousands of our members facing-skyrocketing costs.”

The report, website, cable spot and other messaging is being communicated through media outlets and partners in areas of the city and constituencies where the CHIP’s members have properties to help renters understand why CHIP is advocating for reasonable rent adjustments.