Rabbi Avrohom Nissanian, well-known speaker, shared a life-changing shiur on Monday evening, May 24, on behalf of Eshel Avraham. He taught the Torah perspective on life and dealing with the vicissitudes of life. He pointed out that Hashem brings suffering to make us stronger to face a new level in our life.

He then shared that the gift of life is something we receive because we have a merit. He shared the Rambam’s teaching how in the case of the sotah, even if she was guilty, Hashem might extend her life up to three years because of a merit she has. Each moment of life is so precious. Rabbi Nissanian shared that life is so important and yet people waste their lives with anger, envy, and unhappiness. “Why look at life’s cup as half empty? See how you can improve your life. Smile. It doesn’t cost that much.”

He continued, “Why can’t we enjoy the sunrise all through the day?” How bad is our life? “We have to understand that life is a present. You can complain about the value of a business or a product, but you can’t complain about a present. After all, it’s a present. It shows that someone appreciates you and loves you and wants to see you again and again.” This is our Father in Heaven gifting us every day with life.”

When a person is complaining, he doesn’t realize that he is receiving the most valuable expensive items. He doesn’t understand life’s value. It’s like someone receiving a diamond and he doesn’t understand its value. This person is living like a beast. All his life is good for nothing because if he can’t value such a present, then he is no better than an animal. He shared how the three advisors of Pharaoh were punished according to what they did. Bil’am was killed right away for advising Pharaoh to kill the Jews. Iyov suffered tremendous suffering, losing his wife and children and experiencing physical pain because he didn’t protest, and Yisro was rewarded because he said to save the Jews. Rabbi Nissanian pointed out that you might think Bil’am got the better punishment. He didn’t have to suffer. However, this is not true. Bil’am’s punishment was more severe because G-d took away the present of life. Iyov still had life and life can change in a moment. He taught that G-d will never bring so much suffering on someone who cannot handle it. Trust G-d! He already gifted you with all the tools you need to cope with your challenges in life.

Every day is an opportunity to fix something and to do better. There is a new day on the horizon and you can see the light. He noted how a second in the present quickly becomes the past. The future quickly becomes the present. The present is called the present because it is a gift. “Every second of life is a gift. We have to use this second to the maximum. We have to be happy and creative and productive, to think about G-d, and to do t’shuvah.” If we do this, then when this second becomes history, we will fill our lives with great value. Rabbi Nissanian exhorted us, “If G-d gave you the gift of life, use it. Get closer to G-d.”

He shared how the woman’s role is to encourage her husband towards spiritual pursuits. She helps her husband to earn Olam HaBa. We have to know that at the end of our life we will give an account to our Creator. In Pirkei Avos it states that a split second in this world is worth more than the whole entire Olam HaBa.

He concluded that life is in our hands, and we should always look at the cup as half full. We should spread light all around. Smile at everyone. If you see someone is unhappy, go to her and revive her. We can change the whole neighborhood and the entire world. “Be happy. Enjoy your life. Hashem should bless us to use every moment to do chesed, to help each other and to love each other.”

The community is grateful to Rabbi Nissanian for this beautiful shiur.

By Susie Garber