Hadar Bet Yaakov launched a Summer Prep learning program for its incoming class of Ninth Graders. In the effort to set students up for academic success, given the past school year’s quarantine and less than optimal learning conditions, HBY set up a series of Math and English classes. Mrs. Esti Warshavchik, HBY Algebra Teacher, integrated a review of critical eighth grade skills as well as previewed new ninth grade material. Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman, HBY Principal, did a book read with a literature essay to initiate girls to high school literary discussion and criticism, as well as expository essays.

Sessions were a hybrid of Zoom meets with some in-person learning, as well, and although classes weren’t mandatory, many students took advantage of the opportunity to get a leg-up on learning. The summer instructional environment was relaxed and gave students a chance to polish skills necessary for high school success while also introducing some challenging concepts to come.

Hadar also created “HBY Connects” events throughout the summer and ran one of the only teen-oriented Tish’ah B’Av events in the area. Hadar Bet Yaakov, Queens’ newest Sefardi high school for girls, under the leadership of Rabbi Gavriel Robenov, is a community Beis Yaakov focused on girls connecting to their academic learning, socio-emotional well-being, and Judaic self-awareness.

 By Shoshanna Friedman