Grades 1-4 have been learning about chashivus Eretz Yisrael for the past two weeks. On Thursday, Yom HaAtzmaut, students in the lower grades got a chance to be part of a live interactive webinar about Eretz Yisrael. Without even leaving Bnos Malka, grades 1-4 got to see exciting places in Yerushalayim, Chevron, Be’er Sheva, and the Galil. It’s possible that everyone’s favorite part was seeing the camels cross the road, right next to a sign in Hebrew that says, Watch out for camels crossing!

The students asked questions and answered questions with the host, Rabbi Cohn, who took them on a virtual tour of Eretz HaK’doshah. The girls were fascinated by the many beautiful shuls all over Eretz Yisrael, like the Churva, the Belz Shul in Yerushalayim, and the Beit K’neset HaAri. Everyone was fascinated to learn that the Belz Shul has 5,000 seats, and they oohed and aahed when they saw the inside of the Churva Shul.

In between, there were beautiful videos with songs about Eretz Yisrael. The second grade especially enjoyed learning about Eishel Avraham, as they are learning about Avraham doing hachnasas orchim in Chumash. Everyone learned something new from the experience. It was like taking a trip without having to pack and unpack any luggage!

May we all be zocheh to be in Eretz Yisrael for real, bimheirah b’yameinu!