The three-week period that begins with the fast of the 17th of Tamuz and climaxes with Tish’ah B’Av is known as “The Three Weeks.” It is a time of mourning and reflection for the destruction of both the First and the Second Temples in Jerusalem, as well as many other tragedies that befell klal Yisrael over the course of history. In order to internalize and grow from the memory of these calamities, Chazal instituted increasing degrees of mourning practices during this period.

For example: We don’t conduct weddings, play musical instruments, listen to music, and recite the She’hecheyanu blessing; most Ashkenazim don’t get haircuts or shave.

Rav Soloveitchik explains that the period of The Three Weeks is designed to gradually bring the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash into the center of our consciousness. Proper observance of these halachos prepares us to take the next step and begin to experience a true sense of aveilus during The Nine Days and through Tish’ah B’Av. It is only through the meticulous observance of the halachos of mourning for the Beis HaMikdash that we can reasonably hope to merit seeing the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash in our lifetime.

There is a story told of Napoleon walking through the streets of Paris on Tish’ah B’Av. As he passed a shul, he heard the sounds of mourning. “What’s this all about?” Napoleon asked. An aide explained that the Jews were mourning the loss of their Temple. “When did this happen?” Napoleon asked. The aide replied, “About 1,700 years ago.” Napoleon replied, “Certainly a people that has mourned the loss of their Temple for so long, will merit to see it rebuilt!”

List of People Who Need
a R’fuah Sh’leimah

(a complete recovery)

Please recite Psalms 20, 30, 88, 121, and 130.

Ezra Refael ben Taoos Miriam

Shmuel ben Monavar

Efraim ben Leah

Chaim Hillel ben Rivkah

Yisrael Chaim ben Tamar

Asher ben Rima

Chaim Shmuel ben Leah

Yechiel Nasan ben Sarah

Tinok ben Peninah Esther

Moshe Chai ben Shoshanah

Yaakov ben Esther

Chaim Refael ben Chanah

Mikol ben Nigoria

Boris Baruch ben Frecha Frida

Alter Shmuel ben Chavah Leah

Chaim Avraham ben Shifrah Zisel

Chaim ben Malkah

Yehudah Yudel ben Miriam Gittel


Sarah bas Leah

Rus Victoria bas Tehilah

Esther Malkah Rinah bas Simchah

Malkah bas Tauba 

Ronit bas Olga

Perel bas Nechamah

Rachel Leah bas Sarah

Tehilah Hadasah bas Elanah

Hadas bas Orah

Malkah bas Nechamah 

Tziporah Stella bas Shirin

Tovah Yocheved bas Esther Bukas

Chayah Shoshanah Tovah bas Esther

Ruchamah Perel Malkah Leah bas Chanah Serel

Gittel bas Sarah

Esther Hadasah bas Devorah

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