Reb Michael Rothschild of Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation released the following as a vlog, part of his Live Life Better Power of Speech series.

So how do you feel? How do I feel about what?

How do you feel about being part of the wonderous, fantastic, amazing klal Yisrael that yesterday put approximately 2,000 volunteers into the brutal heat and torrential rain to find a 6-year-old boy that almost none one of them knew?

Do we have any idea of the greatness of the nation we belong to??

Where else in the world would so many people, from so many different backgrounds at the drop of a hat stop their workday, anything that they were doing because another person was missing??

What about the hundreds of thousands whose hearts were aching and breaking and were davening for Yosef ben Bassia and his family?

The story went viral almost immediately, but that was down in this world, can we imagine how it went viral in shomayim?

Can we ever dream of the picture that must have been yesterday in shomayim when Hashem proudly called Pamalya Shel Malah, His heavenly court together and said: “Yisrael asher b’cha Espaer.”

“Look, look at my klal Yisrael. Can you believe what they just did? Can’t you see how they love each other and care about each other so much, those are my children, and I am their father!”

If you haven’t thanked Hashem yet for the incredible z’chus of being part of the magnificent nation called Klal Yisrael, of having the fantastic Mazel of Asher bachar bonu mikol ha’amim, it’s not too late to say, “Thank you Hashem for making me a yid!”