On Monday evening, October 25, Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center opened its doors to host an important Queens Jewish Community Council (QJCC) board meeting in the company of Linda Spiegel, Director of Public Affairs at Margaret Tietz Center and an esteemed QJCC board member.

“I want to thank Linda Spiegel for hosting our monthly board meeting,” said Michael Nussbaum, president of the QJCC. “This is the first meeting with our new executive director, Mayer Waxman, presiding. We are excited to have an executive director with a background and vision aimed at giving us a new forward-looking perspective.”

“It is great to be here at Maragret Tietz,” explained Rabbi Mayer Waxman to the Queens Jewish Link. “I have been in Queens for 25 years and worked here in the borough for seven years. I am ready to bring in many new changes and bring new growth to the QJCC. We can now undertake the organizational work needed of the growing Jewish community. There is no better place to make this announcement than at Margaret Tietz, a very important institution in our midst.”

“At the QJCC, we are much more than just delivering food to the needy of Queens,” added Nussbaum. “We are much more than just one neighborhood or one community. At the QJCC, we represent the full spectrum of Queens and are very excited about Mayer taking this organization to the next level. We are as well appreciative of our staff for working with us during this transitional period.”

In attendance were president Michael Nussbaum, executive director Meyer Waxman, and board members Zev Berman, Jeanne Chu, Jay Goldberg, Warren Hecht, Jay Idler, Bella Kirschner, Jennifer Martin, Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov, Rabbi Daniel Pollack, Judith Rosen, Arlene Ross, Linda Spiegel, and Solomon Steinem.

“The QJCC and the Jewish community of Queens work in tandem to bring the issues of importance front and center. As a board member, I am proud to host this special meeting,” related Spiegel.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein