Bnos Malka Academy held its annual graduations for the Preschool and the eighth grade class. Starting with the four-year-olds, bedecked in their caps and gowns, to the Pre-1A students in their cardboard crowns, to the elegant eighth graders, each graduation is a unique milestone. At each level, the sense of pride and accomplishment fills the room and the hearts of girls and their families. The performances and songs the little girls sang were adorable, clearly showing weeks of preparation.

The eighth grade commencement is always very emotional. It truly marks the end of one era and the start of a new chapter for the girls. Bnos Malka recognized the following students: Adina Kohan, Limudei Kodesh Valedictorian, Ita Beila Shrom, The Mrs. Gladys Benbasat, AH, General Studies Valedictorian, Tehila Bensimon, Limudei Kodesh Salutatorian, Shani Matmon, General Studies Salutatorian, Avigail Rafailmehr, The Samuel Landau Chesed Award, and Shoshana Branower, the Outstanding Leadership Award.