Extracurriculars in HAFTR High School are inclusive of everyone’s interests, and students are often encouraged to take charge by creating new clubs and teams that do not yet exist. HAFTR’s student body recently participated in its annual club fair, which was held on Thursday, September 22. This activity allowed students to research and choose from a large selection of student-run extracurriculars within the school. With over 40 choices to select from, students are able to cultivate their hobbies and passions with like-minded peers in a “non-academic” setting.

Student leaders and faculty advisors advertised their clubs with cleverly decorated posters and handouts that were displayed around the gym, which also represented the clubs’ and teams’ features.

Based on their varying interests, future participants were given the opportunity to join clubs that appealed to them. Options include globalization, chesed, book club, college bowl, public speaking, medicine and public health, math team, feminism in film, sports management, YACHAD, and plenty more. HAFTR High School’s extracurriculars offer students unique outlets to express their ideas and foster their hobbies in a productive manner. Students and faculty are eager to begin these programs and commence with new initiatives and activities.

HAFTR High School will hold its annual Open House for prospective freshmen and their parents on Sunday, November 13, at 10 a.m. All information regarding the Open House and application can be found on our website at www.haftr.org.

By Kaitlin Pollack, Junior