Hadar Bet Yaakov has much hakaras ha’tov for the tremendous display of community support that was shown to them during their Charidy event. All forces pulled together, and staff members, parents, and students worked the phones, sent out links to countless contact lists, and went into the wee hours of night until all call lists were exhausted.

It was Hadar Bet Yaakov’s first Charidy event, and the students were grouped into small teams, as well as grade teams, that competed against each other for highest amounts collected. “Not everyone was nice to us,” remarked a 9th grader the next morning about her previous night’s phone calls. “The people who were nice to us, even if they didn’t pledge anything, they made us feel good.” Always eager to turn everything into a learning opportunity, teachers discussed the importance of kind speech and the impact kind words have on us throughout our daily lives.

“It was amazing to see the support of the community that came through as those numbers climbed higher and higher throughout the campaign,” remarked Rabbi Robenov, school dean. Students came together after school, enjoyed dinner, courtesy of HBY, and then got to work on those phones. “We reached our goal and then some,” Rabbi Robenov told the girls the day after the campaign ended. “The success of this campaign was largely due to your efforts,” he told them.

Everyone in the Hadar Bet Yaakov worked together for this colossal achievement with the mutual understanding that it was achdus and operating as a cohesive group that brought the school over that finish line and enabled them to reach their goal. They are grateful to the community for their show of magnanimity and generous support that enabled this benchmark feat.