In the Sinai Desert,

Long ago,

Mankind faced

Its biggest blow.

After Eden,

The world’s second

Colossal downfall,

Eternal life forfeited,

We could have had it all.


A great blunder,

Man contributed gold,

For an evil project

When panic took hold.

The Revelation at Sinai,

Man’s greatest apex,

Couldn’t save us

From the plunge that came next.


The Eirev Rav

Didn’t accept the Torah,

As did we,

When they raised the specter

Of idolatry.

Where was that

Stiff-necked loyalty

That had pulled us through

The harshest adversity?

Outraged indignance

Should have been our response,

But the reaction was passive



Failure in the face of adversity,


From a bond of eternity.


The cloak of protection

Given by the Torah

May have been removed

According to the Maharsha.

Exposed to the whims

Of the Eirev Rav,

To bestow the concept

Of t’shuvah

Through the ages.

Till this day,

We still face repercussions

Of Har Choreiv,

The mount of destruction.


Moshe prayed

And was seized

With a fever in his bones;

A true leader,

He wouldn’t let

His flock face this alone.

Went down into the depths

Of his own rabbit hole

Til he found a spark

Of rebellion

In his own noble soul.


The cheit ha’eigel

Is the prototype of sin,

Astounding to us, now,

That we were taken in.

But before we judge them

For their fatal gaffe,

We must recognize

Our own golden calf.

Gold is still a part of the equation,

As it was

For our fledgling nation

An image of detachment

From Hashem;

In trying circumstance,

The deception that our lives

Are governed by

The winds of chance.


Life has illusions and distractions,

The yeitzer ha’ra’s sly and clever.

But HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Is ever present

Protecting us forever.

Wonderous things are yet to happen,

Miracles for our behalf.

Till then, HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

Please help Your children

Go De-Calf!

 By Sharon Marcus