On Wednesday, April 6, MTA’s Hatzioni Israel Advocacy Club and Honors College hosted an informative Q&A session with former Israeli United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon. Talmidim had the opportunity to ask Ambassador Danon their questions in a session moderated by Hatzioni Faculty Advisor Rabbi Eli Cohn.

The questions spanned a variety of topics, including the Ambassador’s decision to go into public service, experience in the United Nations, perspective on the current war in Ukraine, and Israel’s potential role as a peace broker, and his role as the Chair for the Committee for Immigration as it relates to Ukrainian refugees. Ambassador Danon also explored the power and limitations of economic sanctions, Israel’s response to the recent uptick in terrorist attacks, and what it was like working with Arab countries that opposed Israeli ideology during his time in the UN.

Talmidim truly enjoyed this meaningful opportunity and look forward to following the advice Ambassador Danon gave them on pursuing their passions: “If you pursue what you are passionate about, you will achieve it.”