The Young Israel of New Hyde Park celebrated simchas Chanukah with holiday treats and divrei Torah. The shul also hosted a Sunday morning breakfast to coincide with Rosh Chodesh. At the program, a siyum on the first volume of Talmud Yerushalmi Masekhes Sheviis was recited. This celebration culminated the most recent portion of the shul’s longstanding “Sunday-morning Shiur.” This week, the shul’s rav, Rabbi Lawrence Teitelman, also led the “4 Minutes of Torah” series recently established by the Department of Synagogue Services for the National Council of Young Israel. These classes include a short four-minute thought on the parshah or inyanei d’’yoma shown via video led by a rabbi of Young Israel’s network of branch rabbanim. Join close to 20,000 Young Israelites in learning and enjoying these classes by signing up at