The fall semester is “shofar so good” at Chabad on Campus of Queens. A short rabbi, with a sharp sense of humor, pulled into a back alleyway in Kew Gardens Hills last Wednesday evening, September 21, with a drill and a bunch of animal horns. He was greeted by a bunch of Queens College students who were eagerly waiting for their opportunity to craft their own shofar.

“Making my own shofar made me feel active in my Judaism and connected with Rosh HaShanah,” said Devorah Moabad of Teaneck. “Creating a shofar really made me think about how attached we are to our heritage… And that made me feel very proud,” she added.

“Preparing my own shofar was awesome!” remarked Eli Burstzyn, also of Teaneck. “I felt pleased to do some hard work and make something of beauty,” he added.

Abby Kogan of Jamaica Estates expresses that she felt “really proud” designing her own shofar. “It’s complicated and challenging, which makes me really appreciate the artifacts we use as Jewish people,” she explained. The sawing, sanding, and drilling were “not simple or easy. It took a lot of time, effort, and skill. Making [my own shofar] and observing the process really made me take to heart its uniqueness.”

“The Shofar Factory is a hands-on way to bring the excitement of Jewish life and tradition to the students,” stated Rabbi Shaul Wertheimer of Chabad on Campus of Queens. “The students had a thrilling and memorable time, and Rabbi Fried of Chabad Mitzvah Workshop delivered a fantastic presentation.”

“My favorite part was blowing my shofar,” Burstzyn commented.

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