The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) last week urged a California court to prevent a man who threatened to massacre Jews from getting his gun back.

According to law enforcement, California resident Ross Farca posted online about how he has an assault rifle and wants to use it for a mass shooting of Jews and police officers. Farca, who uses the name “Adolf Hitler (((6 million)))” on an online gaming site, was released on bail only days after his arrest. Although an emergency court order barred Farca from possessing guns, he is fighting an extension of the order. Police reportedly found Nazi paraphernalia when Farca was arrested, as well as camouflage clothing and a sword.

“It would be incomprehensible and irresponsible to allow a person who lionizes Adolf Hitler and seeks to massacre Jews to be in possession of any sort of weaponry,” said NCYI President Farley Weiss. “After Pittsburgh and Poway, where Jews were murdered in houses of worship solely because of their religious beliefs, we need to be more vigilant than ever. Preventing a weapon that was intended to be used to assassinate Jews from getting back into the hands of a person whose rage and propensity for violence are rooted in bigotry and anti-Semitism is a common-sense measure that will likely save lives. Putting guns back in the hands of an individual such as Ross Farca, who openly and proudly wrote about his desire to kill Jews, would facilitate his evil tendencies and could result in a tragedy of immense proportions. We urge the court to do the right thing and take steps to ensure that Mr. Farca is permanently enjoined from legally possessing guns of any kind.”