The most beautiful wigs in the world. Serving New York, Italy, Paris, and Rome since 1966.

You want a wig that’s gorgeous. That’s stylish and silky to the touch. That’s so comfortable you barely feel it on your head. A wig made by a top company with over 40 years of experience. And yet... you want a wig that doesn’t require taking a second mortgage on your home.

Ladies, your dreams have come true, because Ralph Wigs is coming to your town! Unlike other wig vendors, Ralph's sells direct from their factory in Italy, eliminating the middleman, and passing all the savings on to you. That means you get a high-end wig for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere. “Our customers always get more than they pay for,” is Ralph’s motto.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Every Ralph wig comes with a warranty, and since Ralph visits each town several times a year, you can always bring in your wig for advice or service. Ralph collaborates with the finest sheitelmachers in most towns he visits. They come to his sales and assist his ultra-professional staff in helping you choose exactly the right wig for you. Once the sale moves on to the next town, you have the option to use those sheitelmachers when your wig needs cutting or maintenance. “I met a sheitelmacher at the sale that I used later when I wanted to color the wig a bit darker,” says Raizy S., a customer from Maryland. “But I haven’t needed her much since then because the wig has held up so well.”

Gitty C. from Lakewood brings her two Ralph wigs to her own sheitelmacher, but lets Ralph cut them for her on-site during the sales. She puts the wig on her head, tells him how she wants it cut, then takes it off and gives it to Ralph to cut on a wig stand. “He’s an expert,” she says. “One of my wigs is almost four years old and still looks great. When your sheitelmacher looks at your wig and remarks, ‘You did really well with this one,’ you know you got a great deal.”

Raizy S. is especially pleased by how comfortable her Ralph wig is. She bought it thinking it would be for Shabbos, but liked it so much she began wearing it all the time. “Usually I run after work to pull off my wig,” she says. “But when I wear my Ralph wig, I often just forget to take it off because it’s so light and comfortable.”

Tova G. was deeply impressed by the Ralph service. When the straight wig she bought was too silky to hold a curl, and she felt disappointed that it wouldn’t give her the wavy look she wanted. Hesitant, since she’s not the type to rock boats, she approached the company. “Of course we’ll change it for you! We want you to be happy!” was the response. A couple of months later the wig was sent back to her. “I think they added new hair to it. It came back totally different, with lots more body!” Tova says. “I was so happy I sent them back a picture of myself wearing it.”

A wig is a woman’s biggest purchase after her wedding gown. Who wouldn’t want the best in quality, beauty, pricing, and customer service? Whether you’re a new kallah or a grandmother of many, a Ralph wig is literally guaranteed to please.

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