Rabbi Mordechai German, Dean of Be’er Hagolah Institutes, is no stranger to Jewish education. Aside from his personal experience as an educator for more than 25 years, he grew up in a home steeped in a culture of caring for other Jews. The home of his parents, Rabbi Avner and Rebbetzin Leya German of blessed memory, was a fortress of Jewish education and love for everyone.

I reached out to Rabbi Mordechai German to ask for his perspectives on Jewish education and for his dreams and aspirations for Be’er Hagolah and its students.

Rabbi German says that while Be’er Hagolah just celebrated its 43rd year, it is in a sense a young and fresh institution. “We are constantly looking to innovate and discover what it is that our students and families need. When we identify a need, we do everything we can to deliver a solution for the benefit of our students. We are now focused on the quality of our education more than ever. Whether it is advanced trainings for our staff, higher education degrees, or state certifications, we are building a hand-picked team of highly qualified educators.

“My vision for the school is that it should be a warm, safe, secure, and vibrant environment which our precious students delight in coming to every morning. My vision for our students is that they graduate from Be’er Hagolah college ready, and prepared to take on the world. They should hold their head up high proudly as a Jew who will build a family and contribute to our community in their own way. Whether they continue on to college immediately or first spend a year in Israel, they will have the foundation and relationships to build a career rooted in a lifelong attachment to Torah, mitzvot, and community. We are deeply proud of our thousands of alumni who have gone on to establish families and communities across the world.

“The leadership team at Be’er Hagolah excites me. Each and every principal shares the same vision for our school and our students and have dedicated their lives to educating the next generation. This year, we departmentalized our boys’ middle and high school divisions and we’re very proud to have Rabbi Michoel Grunhut as the principal of Judaic Studies and Rabbi Yehuda Waxman as principal of secular studies. We welcome the newest addition to our team, Mrs. Leah Kirzner, principal of the elementary school secular studies department, who brings us her expertise in curriculum building and teacher training and mentoring.”

Mrs. Yeva Rakhamimova, a mother of three current BHI students and practices as an immigration attorney, shared her reflections. “Be’er Hagolah is a very nurturing community where relationships are made with parents, teachers, and the administration. My children are not only receiving the best Jewish education possible, but are also striving in secular studies. They are beginning to think like future developers and entrepreneurs. BHI offers top notch security, including armed guards, and constant communication between the parents and teachers. Be’er Hagolah is a family setting that gives care and love to the children and the parents. The office staff knows each parent by name and Rabbi German and other administrators are always eager and happy to try to resolve their concerns as best as they can. I’m so happy to be seeing my children grow up and prosper socially and academically in such a nourishing environment where they’re making lifelong friendships in a great community.”

By Hirsch Ibn Yisroel