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“After my husband retired, although he continued being a maggid shiur in Talmud Yerushalmi, there was a large portion of his day that was unspoken for,” shares honoree Rabbi Yankel Herskovitz’s wife, Pesi. “It gives me great pleasure to see him have that focus and that interest - and the seforim all over his desk marked off for reference in preparing his Agra D’Pirka shiur. He has such an enjoyment and a zerizus to go and give the shiur and interact with the participants. He gets so much out of it. It’s just been wonderful to see this program take off; it’s a great enhancement for Baltimore.”

Cong. Machane Chodosh Holds Kristallnacht Remembrance Event

I’m here to educate you, not to traumatize you” when teaching the Holocaust, said Julie Faska, keynote speaker at the 1938 Kristallnacht Remembrance Service held on Thursday, November 7, at Congregation Machane Chodosh, a Forest Hills synagogue started in 1939 by Jewish refugees from Europe.