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This past Sunday, November 24, the Young Israel of Plainview announced the upcoming commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its first minyan. The synagogue hosted a Shabbaton on Shabbos, November 23. Activities included a wonderful oneg featuring memories from the Young Israel’s community founders. Fittingly, the celebration will take place at the Young Israel of Plainview, which is located at 132 Southern Parkway in Plainview.

Our neighborhood is so fortunate to have a unique lecture series geared to inform and educate us about the latest medical advice and findings for all different ailments and for the prevention of various diseases. Navigating the Medical System, founded and directed by Dr. Mel Breite, MD, brings top physicians and medical professionals to our community to educate us.

It’s way past normal working hours but the crew at Agra d’Pirka headquarters are oblivious to the time.  For the past several weeks, as the Agra d’Pirka Decade Dinner event steadily approaches, they’ve been working weekends and evenings, and doing lots of overtime.  But they are not resentful or annoyed.  In fact, they are invariably cheerful and enthusiastic.  That’s because they are working on a project that’s meaningful, inspiring, and dear to their hearts.  And they know that they’re part of something big. 

To add names of individuals who need a r’fuah sh’leimah to next week’s Communal T’hilim List, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and complete the Google form.

There is an important characteristic in Judaism called Hakaras HaTov, being grateful and showing gratitude. Every Yid must develop an awareness and a mindset that recognizes all the good that one receives, and appropriately thank the Giver/giver. One of the ways in which we demonstrate our thanks to Hashem is by reciting Psalm 100 – Mizmor L’Sodah – during Shacharis, our weekday morning prayer service.

  Over 300 Queens residents listened and learned at the fourth annual Eldercare Expo and Conference for seniors and their caregivers at the Queens College Fitzgerald Gym this past Sunday, November 17. Shea Rubenstein, Executive Vice President of the JCC of Marine Park, observed that “it was great to see such a diverse crowd” attend the eldercare conference and discover new opportunities from the “important topics covered at the day’s seminars.”