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In a community where families and children are the main elements of life, the disappointment of infertility comes with the difficulties of the high cost of treatment, finding the right doctors, and emotional support in the process. “My niece and nephew are the results of Bonei Olam. It is a tremendous organization,” said Hudi Newman, who hosted its founder, Rabbi Shlomo Bochner, at his Kew Gardens Hills home last week for a backyard fundraiser. “It has a special place in my family’s heart.”

This Sunday, July 28 at 6:00 p.m. Chazaq’s Shidduch Initiative will launch its inaugural event at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, 150-11 70th Rd., in KGH. The program will feature world-renowned speaker, maggid, and mohel Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn and HaRav Yitzchok Kolodetsky shlit”a, son-in-law of Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a. A networking session will be held with various shidduch agencies each holding specific tools to create more dates hopefully leading to successful shidduchim. Men and women are encouraged to attend the gathering; there is no admission fee.

Emet’s Young Professionals division recently hosted an inspiring evening with world-renowned speaker Charlie Harary. This event was part of a series of networking and educational events that are geared towards men and women in their 20s who have graduated college and are pursuing their careers. Attendees enjoyed sushi and a wine tasting. The highlight was the address by Mr. Harary on the topic of “Unlocking Greatness.” He engaged the crowd with his authentic, motivational style. He shared many amusing and touching anecdotes all with the lesson of personal growth. The overall message to the audience was to not get too comfortable and limit themselves in reaching their full potential in life and in Judaism. Mr. Harary said the choice is “comfort or greatness,” and he encouraged all to challenge themselves and reach for greatness.