Yeshiva Har Torah’s Hebrew Language Coordinator, Morah Ariana Mizrahi, orchestrated an exciting initiative dedicated to honoring Hebrew as a vibrant, spoken language. Partnering with Jewish day schools across the nation, the event aimed to fill the students with pride and joy in the Hebrew language. With the theme of S’fat HaKodesh and Eretz HaKodesh – the holy language and the holy land – each grade eagerly participated in tailored activities, spanning early childhood, elementary, and middle school. Students sang the song “Am Yisrael Chai,” taught to them by their Hebrew teachers. There were a number of creative activities, such as decorating bookmarks and writing postcards for the students, carefully curated by the Hebrew Language teachers.

The event also delved into the historical works of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, with seventh and eighth graders creating educational slideshows and posters exploring the connection between am Yisrael and Hebrew. The Early Learning Center joined in on a Hebrew scavenger hunt, led by our very talented Bnot Sherut, while middle school students participated in an interactive bulletin board emphasizing Ben-Yehuda’s pivotal role in modernizing Hebrew. Another interactive activity facilitated by the Bnot Sherut was a bulletin board for students to figure out the hidden words and terms using gematria.

Morah Orit Klein added a tasty touch by wrapping individual biscuits with Hebrew messages that were then distributed to teachers and students. The reasoning behind the biscuit is that the Hebrew word for it is almost the exact same as how we know it in English, emphasizing the modernization of Ben-Yehuda’s words.

This carefully developed series of activities was enjoyed by all students and staff and will certainly be an annual celebration for students to experience and enjoy.