On Thursday, September 19, HANC High School was privileged to hear from dynamic author, speaker, and entrepreneur Moe Mernick. Author of The Gift of Stuttering, Mr. Mernick highlighted to the student body the importance of being authentic to oneself and the beauty of transforming challenges into the greatest gifts.

Mernick talked about his journey growing up with a debilitating stutter that left him questioning G-d. After years of struggling with his speech and other challenges, he discovered a new sense of purpose while completing high school in Israel. There, he uncovered his deep love of Judaism and connection to G-d, which ultimately helped him work through his speech impediment and overcome other life challenges.

Students came away with a heightened knowledge of the fact that each individual has the opportunity to be awesome on a daily basis, no matter the challenge. There was a sense of excitement in the room as students understood what they can accomplish and contribute through overcoming challenges and investing in self-growth.

Mernick closed his talk by wishing all in attendance a Shanah Tovah, imploring the audience to enter the New Year 5780 with a spirit of renewal as they reach out to Hashem in their individual journeys.