This past Monday, February 15, K’hal Adas Yereim in Kew Gardens continued its tradition of hosting a legal holiday Yarchei Kallah event. The institution, also known as the Wolpin Shul, is the structure that Rabbi Shlomo Teilelbaum zt”l built.

The special lecture was delivered by Rav Yaakov Grossman, the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Moshe Nechemia, and the Rosh Mesivta of Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah, on the topic of Purim B’Erev Shabbos – Paras Mapah u’Mikdash. The attendees eagerly listened as they learned the practical halachos that one should take upon themselves and the laws that are acceptable of the day.

The lecture was notably attended by Reb Aaron Cyperstein, the shul’s co-president, and his son Avi Cyperstein, a City Council candidate on the ballot in the upcoming June primary in his hometown district, one that he shares with the shul. Kollel Moshe Nechemia takes on a personal connection to the Cyperstein family as the kollel bears the name of Reb Aaron’s father-in-law, R’ Moshe Nechemia ben R’ Shlomo Zev Sukenik zt”l.