The award-winning Hishtadeil Lihyos Ish Midos Program has begun at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens. The program was introduced at a first-through-eighth-grade assembly with an all-new, fabulously fun and educational teachers’ play entitled “Miri Pops In.” The talented moros did a superb job acting out this musical presentation. Rabbi Mordechai Gewirtz, Dean, began the assembly by depicting the midos of Kavod HaBriyos and Lashon Tov through Adam’s naming of Chavah, his wife. Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, then said a perek of T’hilim together with the girls as a z’chus for those who are in need of a r’fuah sh’leimah.

The girls were so excited to watch their teachers perform the play on stage. Different characters, symbolizing different midos, taught the audience the importance of working on midos tovos. By pinpointing the improper behaviors of the characters, Mr. and Mrs. Danks, Shayna, and Michoel, the new nanny, named Miri, was able to teach positivity, unity, and tikun ha’midos. The maid added so much comic relief and ultimately joined the Danks crew under their umbrella of love as they watched their midos soar higher and higher. The four midos being worked on this year are Dan L’Chaf Z’chus (Judging Favorably), Vatranus (Giving In), Lashon Tov (Positive Speech), and Kavod HaBriyos (Respecting Others).

Following the play, Mrs. Elisa Taub, program director, introduced the Midos Program and the new journal contest for grades 3-8. The contest is called the USE YOUR KOP contest, and two classes per midah cycle will win the raffle prize of a “KOP”cake celebration! Mrs. Taub then made the first midos announcement of the year in front of the students. The excitement was palpable as the audience (over 620 students) joined together to shout out the already familiar weekly announcement, “Boker tov, boker tov – this is the Midos Mentch here, ready to tell you about the midah of the week and the important point to work on…”

The assembly ended with a burst of ruach, as the students, led by the eighth graders, stood up and sang the Tav Shin Pei theme song with motions. The students left enthused, invigorated, and inspired.

The theme of this year of Tav Shin Pei is “Piha Paschah B’Chochmah” (peh = mouth) – “It PAYS to Weigh Your Words Wisely.” The motto is “SAY IT RIGHT!” The adorable owl mascot, named “Binah,” is helping introduce the various midos and will encourage the girls throughout the year to perfect their character traits. Through plays, contests, songs, announcements, activities, and worksheets, the Midos Program at BYQ leaves lasting impressions upon the students, and memorable lessons that will shape them into b’nos Yisrael with midos tovos.