On Thursday night, November 21, the third and fourth graders of the Bnos Malka Academy gathered for an inspirational mother-daughter evening entitled “A night to focus on the lessons we can learn from Sarah Imeinu.” The girls prepared for this program by learning about Sarah Imeinu and about the special mitzvah of Hafrashas Challah.

The students worked in groups to make centerpieces for the evening, which depicted what they learned. The program began with the girls making beautiful mirrors to put under the Shabbos candles. The girls then performed a song for their mothers about the Imahos, complete with costumes and motions. The culmination of the evening was making challah. Almost 200 mothers and daughters did hafrashas challah together and then davened for y’shuos, r’fuos, and rachamei Shamayim. Every girl then made a challah together with her mother, as music played, related to the theme of the evening.

Both girls and their mothers left the evening inspired and uplifted. It was a wonderful bonding experience for mothers and daughters and an incredibly meaningful evening. As each girl left, she gave her mother a gift of a hafrashas challah plaque, which the girls made in preparation for the event.