The consummate hero,

Avraham dug wells,

They were stopped up

By Philistine cartels;

By their thievery,

The Philistines hoped to erase

All memory of Avraham

From each well’s place.

When his son Yitzchak

Bravely unstopped the wells,

He met with dispute

From those same cartels;

Water, the most precious commodity

Was no match

For their hatred and jealousy.


As in ancient times,

Robbers of today

Want to make Jewish history

Go away –

Cover up and bury

The Jewish presence

That forever will be

Israel’s essence;

Our people’s extinction,

Chief aim on their list,

G-d forbid, the whole world

Would then cease to exist.


Modern-day heroes

Of Israel’s liberated lands,

You Hilltop Youth

Have taken a stand,

Harassed and beaten

By government forces,

You hold by the law

HaKadosh Baruch Hu


Your homes are destroyed,

Smashed to the ground,

You keep rebuilding

Till the next time around,

When Jewish blood is spilled;

A response is parlayed,

The enemy knows

There’s a price

To be paid.

Without you, the Arabs

Would interpolate,

Setting the stage

For a PLO state.


Could be living in comfort,

Pursue lucrative careers,

Idealistically, you’ve chosen

To be pioneers!

You defend Hashem’s Holy Land

Within her own borders;

May G-d strengthen you,

His holy sons,

Worthy daughters.


“For southward and northward

You shall spread out mightily,

Your offspring inherit nations,

Settle desolate cities.”


As those unmoored, with no teaching

Cower in shame,

You live the prophecy

Sanctifying G-d’s Name.

It gives us all courage

To know heroes still exist,

Living in faith

Of Hashem’s promise.

Mashiach draws near,

Thanks to your bravery;

May you fill G-d’s Holy Land

As fish fill the sea!

May your numbers expand,

This world finally see the truth,

An assembly of heroes –

Hilltop Youth!

By Sharon Marcus