The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach is continuing to run its Shaar Lev Program for local community children enrolled in local public schools because of their unique learning needs. Immediately after Pesach, the Shaar Lev team made the offer to parents to continue Shaar Lev on Zoom. Most of the parents were thrilled to continue their learning online, and the full complement of course offerings were arranged. Children are now enjoying Parshah with Rabbi Eli Herzberg, Dinim and Halachah with Rabbi Dovid Libman, and 1:1 K’riah sessions with our k’riah team of Morah Batsheva Milworn, Morah Tamar Mosak, Morah Estee Halbertal, and Morah Michal Silverberg.

Shaar Lev parent Malka Akerman remarked recently, “We are lucky to be a part of such a beautiful school community. The rebbeim and moros are organized, thoughtful, and creative in their instruction and in meeting the needs of each child, even during distance learning. Thank you, Shaar Lev!”