Mr. Steven Gar delivers sincere message to students on Jewish unity

On Thursday, November 21, grades 10 through 12 were privileged to hear from counter-terrorism expert Mr. Steven Gar, who is committed to protecting Jews worldwide, while also working to become a Rabbi.

Mr. Gar educated the students about Israeli counter-terrorism from a personal perspective. He emphasized the lengths Jewish people will go to in order to protect the State of Israel and Jews around the world. He spoke about the heroism of Israeli soldiers and civilians who are willing to risk their own lives for the sake of others. In particular, he mentioned Ari Fuld z”l, who put the lives of others before his own.

Students came away with a sense of appreciation and pride for being part of am Yisrael, along with the feeling of hope for the future. Mr. Gar ingrained the message that each person has the potential to make a huge difference with even one act of kindness. It was an honor to hear from Mr. Gar, and we look forward to strengthening the Jewish nation by helping each other as best we can.

 By Rebecca Cohen, Junior