Every businessperson is seeking new ways to thrive in the challenging economic aftermath of COVID-19. The staff at the Queens Jewish Link heard this concern and coordinated an array of proven businesspeople and speakers to give local businesspeople tips to overcome the devastating effects of this past year. The free virtual program will also be a networking event by giving participants the opportunity to engage with one another in breakout sessions.

The event will feature seven successful businesspeople who have each made remarkable strides in their respective industries. David G. Greenfield has spent his career fighting for the people of New York. Currently, Greenfield fights against poverty as the CEO of Met Council on Jewish Poverty. Greenfield is a former two-term Council Member from Brooklyn’s 44th district and a founder of the advocacy group TEACH NYS, where he led major educational reforms. Notably, for the vast Sephardic contingency of New York, Greenfield also held the executive director position at the Sephardic Community Federation. Today he stays atop his law profession as an adjunct law professor from the Brooklyn Law School. His expertise in changing lives will surely be on hand in his presentation.

“It is our hope that all businesses can come out of the virus with a bright future,” said Yaakov Serle, co-publisher of the Queens Jewish Link. “As a local group, the Queens Jewish Link, and its sister publication the Bukharian Jewish Link, hope this event stimulates new relationships and bolsters Jewish business opportunities.” Serle will join another well-established lawyer, Harry Rothenberg, Esq., in a question and answer segment focused on COVID recovery in the workplace. Rothenberg, a Columbia and Harvard Law graduate, is a partner at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP. Often referred to for personal injury cases, he has made his impact in the Jewish world at large. Aish HaTorah often showcases Rothenberg’s passion for speaking on Jewish themes, as well as a multitude of other organizations. His talks have evolved into a weekly parsha video blog, Harry’s Video Blog that is run in conjunction with Partners in Torah. The program has seen much success and developed a deep following from his hometown in Philadelphia to his current northern New Jersey home and nearly every region in America.

Every program, especially a virtual address, requires a bit of laughter and the right sort of entertainment. If you have never heard the wisdom of Jeff Goldberg, now is the time. Goldberg was once a stand-up comedian and theatre profession who is now a talented professional speaker known to engage, entertain, and certainly inspire his audience with informative sales coaching advice. His books Leverage Your Laziness! and How to Be Your Own Coach: Six Simple Questions for Achieving Your Goals speak to his expertise in sales management, training others to be the strategist, trainer and coach to their team. Goldberg will get you off the couch and help you fight laziness to be a more successful, motivated, and happier businessperson. You will learn how to sell more and retain business while knowing what it is that your clients desire and how to provide your options at a great value in COVID world.

In 1989, Michael Rothschild set out on a mission to spread the insight of Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan, zt”l, the Chofetz Chaim. Rothschild founded and remains the director of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, which uses an array of outreach, including its famed Tisha B’av event, to educate the Jewish world on the prohibitions of lashon hara, gossip and slander of others. Over the years, the foundation has evolved from using books, tapes, video seminars, and telephone classes, to social media like WhatsApp groups and SMS messages. In business we must always first judge others favorably and maintain restraint and integrity in our conversations. These are the principles that Rothschild shares with the compassionate world he finds himself in each day. Learn more about being sensitive to others from his discussion and always come out living life just a bit better and more positive.

While this list has not been presented in a particular order, Yitzchok Saftlas is certainly a powerful voice worthy of hearing, as he is a master of marketing. The Queens Jewish Link has a longstanding working relationship with Saflas and his awarding-winning marketing agency, Bottom Line Marketing Group, where he is founder and director. There, he has assisted hundreds of corporate, political, and non-profit clients. Like in his work So, What’s the Bottom Line? COVID has brought businesses to seek new avenues to bolster income and recharge both staff and clientele. Saftlas will offer practical insight and real-life stories to participants in the networking event incorporating timeless advice for all business professionals from marketers to seasoned executives and startup entrepreneurs. One can find Saftlas’ contributions in Jewish media and on New York and New Jersey radio waves weekly on 77WABC on Mind Your Business. Saftlas also releases a daily 1-minute video broadcast via BLMG featuring excerpts from his star interviews that I enjoy each day. Join Saftlas for an educational experience where you will learn how to create the right narrative to match your business’ vision using the theory that “simplification is the ultimate form of sophistication,” according to Saftlas himself.

Whether you’re looking for tips to grow your business in these trying times or just want to network with likeminded professionals and businessowners, this virtual Networking Event is not to be missed. Join the Queens Jewish Link this upcoming Wednesday evening, February 24 at 8 p.m. right on their website, www.queensjewishlink.com.

By Shabsie Saphirstein