What does becoming a bas mitzvah really mean?

The sixth graders at the Bnos Malka Academy took a deep dive into mitzvos and how special they are, in preparation for becoming a bas mitzvah.

Several weeks ago, the grade was divided into groups, and each group researched a specific mitzvah, creating a report and a PowerPoint presentation to showcase what they learned.

For the culmination of all their hard work, the girls celebrated with a Mitzvah Tea. They enjoyed tea with delicious Danishes, and heard an inspiring speech from Mrs. Shaindel Simes about how precious every mitzvah is.

They then split into “jigsaw” groups, each made up of one girl from every mitzvah project. Each girl got a chance to present her mitzvah to her group, and all the girls received a charm bracelet with charms reflecting each of the mitzvos that were presented.

“The Mitzvah Tea gives the girls the experience of seeing a mitzvah through its source,” said Mrs. Shuly Zuckerman, assistant principal. “Now they have internalized the concept that every mitzvah is sourced in the Torah, and is there to help them grow and develop a closer connection to Hashem.”