The Civic Spirit students, led by Mrs. Audi Hecht, participated in a workshop about voters considering the dynamics of voting and values. Sophomore Anat Ebbin reflects, “This past week’s Civic Spirit’s session was very eye-opening. It was fascinating to hear from a variety of students about the things they valued for a president.

“Because the session had so many different people there, the way people’s culture influenced their values was very cool to see. For example, growing up on Long Island and going to yeshivah all my life, I mostly only heard of people looking for presidential candidates who shared their views on the Middle Eastern conflict, but some of the kids at this session were not from yeshivos, and they had more diverse values. These are values that I have not often heard about because of the sheltered places that I live in, and it was very interesting to be able to share in this experience of conversing with people different from me.”