The Sophomores and Juniors of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls were privileged to listen to Dr. Yehudit Abrams on Wednesday, May 19, as she shared her incredible life story and achievements.

Founder and CEO of MonitHer, Ltd., the first at-home personal-use monitor for early detection of breast cancer, Dr. Abrams spoke of her amazing career highlights. After finishing medical school, Dr. Abrams attended the exclusive Singularity University, giving her exposure to a number of fields including engineering, biotechnology, neuroscience, robotics, and cognitive computing. Her professional credentials include researching ultrasound to support the Mars mission at NASA, working with tech elites in Silicon Valley, and conducting medical relief missions around the world.

It was also, however, her thoughts about her conversion to Judaism and the absolute emunah that she lives by that seized the students’ attention. Everything in Dr. Abrams’ life is connected to Hashem, she says, noting that Hashem has a plan. She explained to the girls that she felt she had to work for Hashem to make a positive change in the world.

“If you follow your heart, your heart will take you to where you need to be,” Dr. Abrams quoted to the students.

It’s difficult to capture Dr. Abrams’ life and work in a few short sentences, but her messages resonated with the SKA students who listened with awe. Throughout the following day, SKA students spoke about what they had heard. Dr. Abrams’ inspiring personal and professional words and accomplishments made quite an impact on her student audience.