The Midos Program is underway at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens! The students were thrilled to once again gather together for two separate presentations (grades 1-4 and 5-8) at an introductory assembly presenting the theme of the year. The theme of Tav Shin Pei Beis is “Binu Shnos Dor VaDor”Bais Yaakov – Back to BASics. Our motto is “Priorities of the Past.”

Rabbi Mordechai Ginsparg, Menahel, opened the assembly by explaining that the concept of strength in Yiddishkeit is being able to conquer one’s Yeitzer HaRa by keeping calm, holding back, and overcoming one’s natural inclination. Working on our midos helps us become strong!

Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, explained the theme of the year, using a clear and colorful slide presentation. She emphasized the importance of looking back and learning lessons from our rich past. Each generation before us was one generation closer to Matan Torah with that much more k’dushah.

Mrs. Elisa Taub, midos program coordinator, then introduced the mascot of the year, an “olden day” girl named Basya Baila. She will be helping to teach the midos of the year and imbuing the girls with an appreciation of “priorities of the past” that have been lost in our present-day lives.

The amazing Tav Shin Pei Beis theme song was then presented by 8th graders Avigail Greenfeld, Aliza Harpaz, Avigail Israeli, and Chani Sofer. The girls loved learning the song, as well as following the motions. The ruach and positive energy was palpable as the students sang old BYQ theme songs and culminated with this year’s theme song.

Following the assembly, each student received a tree-bark pen engraved with the words “BYQ – Back to BASics.”

At the Bais Yaakov of Queens, we are looking forward to a year of growth and positivity, as we focus on strengthening our midos tovos and learning from past history in a fun, creative, and memorable way.