The Yeshiva of Central Queens’ (YCQ) Grade Four students and teachers embarked on a space adventure at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Westbury on Wednesday, December 5. Upon arrival, each class was assigned their own personal tour guide, who presented the Hubble Telescope, an actual Lunar Module, and the first planes made by the Grumman Corporation, which is located on Long Island. YCQ students were amazed to learn that Russia was the first country to send men, women, and even a dog into space, and the United States was the first nation to have a man walk on the moon.

After a lunch break, YCQ teachers and students continued their adventure in the all-digital, JetBlue Sky Theater Planetarium (the immersive planetarium and full-dome theater is one of the largest and most powerful virtual-reality experiences in the world), with a viewing of the Mars 1001 Planetarium Show. “We all felt that we actually blasted off into space and landed on Mars,” reported Mrs. Sandra Dua, Grade Four teacher.

Mrs. Doreen Ambalu, Grade Four teacher, enthused, “The YCQ Grade Four trip to the Cradle of Aviation Museum was a huge success! All the students enjoyed the eye-opening experience. We hope to include more of these types of outings this year!” YCQ students and teachers all agreed that the Cradle of Aviation Museum created an incredible, in-depth learning experience. Thank you, Mrs. Sandy Dua, Mrs. Eryn Kaplan, Mrs. Doreen Ambalu, and Mrs. Aliza Willig, for organizing a wonderful trip to the Cradle of Aviation Museum!