Hadar Bet Yaakov girls performed to a sold-out theatre last Wednesday evening with their first major production of The Hidden Miracle, an original musical play written and directed by Mrs. Shaindel Antelis. Students participated in all aspects of the production from choosing the music, costumes, backstage crew work, and even creating the play’s giant mural backdrop.

“What an amazing performance!” exclaimed Mrs. Davoudi after watching the play. “It was really amazing! I can’t believe how wonderful the girls did!” Mrs. Davoudi, whose daughter Avigael Davoudi, along with Ayelet Golpariani, played the parts of Bigsan and Teresh, echoed the sentiments of everyone around her after the performance. Mazal Khiamova, who played the part of Esther, won the audience’s hearts with her lovely singing, and Aleeza Ashurov, playing the comedic part of Achashveirosh, won smiles and laughter as she sang and bounced around the stage with her wine glass and bottle in hand.

Mrs. Shaindel Antelis, popular singer and songwriter, has worked in theatre before with adult women, but this was her first venture into working with teens. Ms. Carmielle Bean, Denver native, professionally trained in dance since elementary school, choreographed and directed the “Beauty Contestant” dance, replete with mirrors, glow-in-the-dark tutus, and bows. Hadar Bet Yaakov girls have been engrossed in rehearsals and prep since January and thoroughly enjoyed the synthesis of art and achdus that coalesced throughout the gamut of the production process.

Mrs. Devorah Robenov and Ms. Perel Schwartz both worked closely with both Mrs. Antelis and the girls to create this memorable evening. Hadar Bet Yaakov is also deeply appreciative of the caring support of Caring Professionals, a dedicated friend who has helped transform HBY dreams into reality. Costumes were abundant as Queen Esther morphed from her plain black dress to a series of glittery gowns, and narrators made grand entrances with feathered hats and long scrolls. Students relished the applause as the performance came to a close and began a busy discussion about what next year’s play would be as soon as the curtain closed.