On Monday, May 16, the Yeshiva of Central Queens PTO, honorees, and guests gathered in the YCQ Dining Hall to honor departing faculty members Mrs. Ellen Orlanski, Mrs. Darlene Picciano, Rabbi Michael Ribalt, and Ms. Jenni Chubak at the annual YCQ PTO Supperette.

Mrs. Julie Faska, Co-President of the YCQ PTO, remarked, “This time of year is always bittersweet, as we say goodbye to beloved faculty, but we also enjoy an evening full of friendship.”

Friends, colleagues, students, and families of the honorees were all in attendance. Rabbi Mark Landsman, Principal, Ms. Odelia Schlisser, JHS Assistant Principal of Secular Studies, Rabbi Moshe Hamel, JHS Assistant Principal of Judaic Studies, and Mrs. Melissa Cohen, Elementary Assistant Principal of Secular Studies, spoke about the impact each honoree had on YCQ during their career.

“It was with mixed emotions that we had the great pleasure, privilege, and honor to pay tribute to Mrs. Ellen Orlanski for her nearly 30 years of devotion, dedication, passion, and commitment to the students of YCQ,” Rabbi Mark Landsman noted. “We used the opportunity to express our gratitude for her years of service, as well as wish her much continued success in her aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.”

Ms. Odelia Schlisser enthused, “The warmth and camaraderie were palpable. I feel privileged to have worked with Mrs. Picciano, JHS Science Teacher, who has dedicated her life to the school, and is moving on to a new chapter.”

“Rabbi Ribalt, Elementary School Assistant Principal of Judaic Studies, is a living kiddush Hashem, always growing in Torah u’mitzvos. He is dedicated to the chinuch of our children and always seeks the most innovative and best techniques to help them grow,” stated Rabbi Moshe Hamel. “We wish him much success as Head of School at Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva.”

“Mrs. Chubak, Grade 2 General Studies Teacher, is a patient, nurturing, creative teacher who always goes above and beyond for her students,” Mrs. Melissa Cohen expressed. “She is an extremely dedicated teacher who is always coming up with new ideas to keep her class interesting, and has had a huge impact on all of her students and on YCQ.”

The YCQ PTO Supperette Committee did a wonderful job creating a beautiful event. YCQ thanks Mr. Aaron Kessler, Mrs. Jen Jaffe, Mrs. Melissa Stock, Mrs. Eliana Langbaum, and Mrs. Vered Besalel.

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