The Middos Program is underway at the Bais Yaakov of Queens! The girls gathered together at two separate introductory assemblies (grades 1-4 and grades 5-8) presenting the theme of the year. The theme of Taf Shin Pei Gimmel is Gadlus HaAdam – Reaching Your Potential for Greatness – “Zeh HaKatan Gadol Yihyeh.” Our motto is ASPIRE...HIGHER!

Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, opened the assembly by explaining the theme of the year. Using a clear and colorful slide presentation, she emphasized the concept of spiritual growth. When we do mitzvos and perfect our midos, we cause our neshamos to grow and connect with Hashem. Mrs. Jurkowitz also pointed out that there is greatness in every single girl. Each one’s goal is to tap into her potential and stretch herself to reach greater heights.

Our adorable astronaut mascot, named Mali (spelled mem, ayin, lamed, yud), from the root of “going upward,” will be inspiring the girls throughout the year to raise themselves by working on their midos tovos.

Mrs. Elisa Taub, midos program coordinator, introduced the Y’mei Ratzon Program, entitled The BAS ALIYAH Program. She explained that t’shuvah is returning to the person whom you wish to be, the REAL you. With this in mind, each class is choosing class-wide, as well as personal, goals to work on, each week until Yom Kippur. The girls are tracking their progress daily by coloring in the rocket ship in their booklets and class poster.

The “uplifting” Taf Shin Pei Gimmel theme song was then presented. Yasher koach to the talented eighth graders – Gila Beylus, Sarah Horowitz, Tziporah Koslowitz, Kaley Maslansky, and Emmy Paris – for the amazing motions. The girls loved learning the upbeat song. The ruach and positive energy was palpable as the students sang old BYQ theme songs and culminated with this year’s theme song. Following the assembly, each student received a four-color rocket ship pen engraved with the theme of the year.

At BYQ, we are looking forward to a year of growth and positivity, as we focus on reaching new heights in our midos tovos and connection to Hashem in a fun, creative, and memorable way!