Conflict resolution is an important life skill, whether you’re an adult or a child, and providing the skills to work through conflict at a young age is a gift HALB is able to give their students, thanks to a non-profit called Creative Response to Conflict. Last year, HALB received State Funding to be able to bring Creative Response to Conflict into the Elementary School. They observed classes, gave important feedback, and provided training to HALB staff. At the end of the school year, they Introduced Peer Mediation for grades 3-5.

Beginning in June 2022, 11 boys and 11 girls (current fifth graders) sat through several days of training on how to be mediators to their peers. The goal of this program is to give students the skills to help their peers and younger students navigate conflicts during the school day. In total, our Peer Mediators participated in 18 hours of training, where they learned important mediation skills including active listening, non-judgmental behaviors, confidentiality, validation, and reflecting back. An assembly last week for third through fifth graders kicked off HALB’s Peer Mediation. All mediation will take place with an adult present, with the goal that the adult is simply there to supervise while students handle and resolve the conflicts between their peers.