I am a doctor. I am a teacher. I am a diamond dealer. 

I am Ashkenazi. I am Sephardi. I am a Chasid.

I speak Yiddish. Me no speak English. Anee medaber Ivrit. 

Wherever you are from, whatever your background, your profession, your heritage…you are unique. 

And when we are together, we are Chazaq: a strong unbreakable force.

Since 2006, Chazaq has been a leading force in touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. 

While many recognize Chazaq via their wide array of lectures throughout the calendar year, Chazaq’s main goal and mission is to inspire Jewish public students to connect to their rich and beautiful heritage. 

With thousands of children from traditional backgrounds losing their Jewish identity in the public-school system, Chazaq’s fun and educational afterschool programs have attracted 1,192 students in the last 12 months alone, transferring 207 of them to yeshivas. A truly remarkable accomplishment. 

What’s more remarkable is that since the 2016-2017 school year, Chazaq has successfully transferred 1,324 students from public schools to yeshiva. 

Now, Chazaq is gearing up for an urgent Charidy campaign as they look to expand their programs and broaden their reach in order to educate hundreds of more children and give guidance to hundreds of more teenagers. 

“What makes Chazaq successful is that our staff is baruch Hashem very dedicated to the cause,” says Chazaq CEO Rabbi Yaniv Meirov. “They don’t see this as a job, rather a calling. They see their work with Chazaq as their mission in this world. Whether it’s to inspire the community at large via our lectures and learning programs, to teach the alef bet to public school children, or to keep teens off the streets via fun our and educational afterschool programs, our staff puts 100% into every division.”

“All our success is thanks to the support of the community. If there is no kemach (financial support), there is no Torah. I urge everyone to please join Chazaq in their urgent matching campaign on November 29 and 30. The future of thousands of public-school students ages 5-18 is on the line, and every donation, regardless of amount, can make a big difference. Because the more we are together, the more Chazaq we become. It’s not just a slogan; it’s a reality.”

The site is open for early donations at www.GiveChazaq.com.