December has been an exciting, inspiring time at Central: Preparations for midterms have been accompanied by the fun and excitement of holiday programming.

The week of celebrations began on Monday, December 19, as Central grandparents, as well as a few enthusiastic parents, arrived at school in droves, greeted by faculty members and staff. Central has a long history of celebrating and paying tribute to intergenerational family relationships, and in particular, the significant, special bond that exists between grandparents and grandchildren, a loving, supportive tie between the past and the present that contributes immeasurably to a student’s education.

The morning included coffee, breakfast, and a special Chanukah shiur with Rabbi Joshua Goller, followed by a full roster of classes ranging from Literature of the Prophets to Algebra to Honors Physics.

“I had 18 grandparents!” reflected Mrs. Ruth Fried, whose ninth-grade Biology class hosted visitors for a lesson on the digestive system. “It was so wonderful to meet the grandparents, and to see the excitement on their granddaughters’ faces.

The morning ended with a rousing game of Chanukah Bingo, finishing off a day that students will remember for years to come.

The week continued with a Chanukah Appreciation Mesibah on Tuesday, December 20, thanking Central’s faculty and staff for a semester of work, care, and diligence and giving the teachers a chance to relax and enjoy a holiday lunch. But before the lunch, a bombastic announcement during that morning’s chagigah: Wednesday and Thursday would be Central’s annual Color War! Color War 5783 paid tribute to the holiday season with the theme “Light Up the Nights,” and a challenge to students to contemplate the concept of light, both during the holiday season and in their everyday lives.

Students made a quick pivot from their best Chanukah gear to their grade team colors. The two days before the Chanukah break was a mad dash for the finish line. Competitions included highly anticipated Chidon rounds, the Million-Shekel Pyramid, a “Shark Tank”-themed idea competition for the proposal that would bring about the most kavod in the Central community, a music video competition, a banner contest, and a grade cheer.

For the freshmen, it was an exciting introduction to an annual event that many Central students consider to be defining. For seniors, it was a bittersweet, emotional experience – the last Color War, a milestone in a year filled with milestones. Ultimately, the class of 2024, guided by junior team leaders Leora Strauss, Shira Rouhani, and Laura Nagler, won the day.

“Color War was such an amazing experience,” Leora said. “Our entire grade came together in unity and excitement. The most fun part of Color War was partaking in the amazing activities with my friends and making memories that will last a lifetime!”