Orot girls had a blast this Pesach! For those who are not familiar with Orot, it's the girls’ division of Ohr Natan, where weekly shiurim, workshops, and activities for girls ages 15 and up are held. In preparation for Pesach this year, Orot held a fascinating class featuring Rabbi Maksumov on the Amazing Secrets of the Ten Plagues. The following week, Orot organized a special workshop for the girls: Step By Step Seder, where they went through the Hagaddah and learned how to hold a proper Seder. They were even able to take notes and make annotations in the new Ohr Natan English-Hebrew Hagaddahs and notebooks they received as gifts. They then enjoyed divrei Torah by R' Natan Kaziev, followed by a fun time making and decorating their own pillows to be used during the Seder!

On Chol HaMoed Pesach, the girls were treated to an outing to Berrylicious in the Five Towns, followed by a fun activity demonstrating how to make different variations of delicious Boba Tea from scratch – all 100% Kosher for Pesach, of course. The girls all had a blast and can’t wait to see what fun and creative program Orot has planned for them next!