Yehoram was the son

Of King Ach’av and Queen Izevel;

He ruled as the ninth king

In Northern Israel.


The prophet Elisha

Warned Yehoram

To eliminate the bad –

The idol worship of Baal,

Imposed by Mom and Dad.

Yehoram partly did so,

But it was just a façade;

He wasn’t willing to return

To the worship

Of Hashem, the True G-d.


False prophets and idols

Were still worshipped


The seven-year drought

This brought about

Was a calamitous affair.


During his brother Achazyah’s

Short reign,

Mesha the Moabite king,

Who had been paying tribute,

Staged an uprising;

Captured several cities of Reuven,

Then, “In honor of their god, K’mosh,”

Slaughtered the inhabitants

Before the revolt was quashed.


United with Yehoshafat,

King of Judah,

With Edom’s vassal king, the three

Took revenge against Moav,

Succeeding miraculously.


But, now at the

Gate of Samaria,

Aramean forces

Were laying siege;

Death came from hunger,

And being under attack constantly.


The prophet Elisha,

Amid the calamity, walks in;

His prophesy: The next day,

A miracle would begin:

Food would be so plentiful

A sa’ah of flour, two of barley,

Would cost but a shekel.

Yehoram’s courtier spoke out,

He couldn’t help but heckle:

“Behold, if Hashem were to make

Windows in the sky,

Could such a thing happen?”

As prophesied, the very next day,

The miracle kicked in.


Hashem caused the enemy, Aram,

To hear chariots and horsemen;

Thinking it an impending massive attack,

Hittite or Egyptian,

They fled their encampment

In a panic,

Leaving everything behind:

Treasure, supplies and

A bumper crop of food,

Four m’tzora’im did find.

They said, let us not wait,

Brought King Yehoram the news;

The day was, indeed, a day of good –

Hashem still loves the Jews.


Our world is again in chaos,

Still ruled by hollow kings;

It still pays to remember

Just Who is running things.


HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Has windows in heaven,

Wellsprings in the great deep

From His hand arrives,

Everything in our lives,

From our birth, until we sleep;

Even when things look hopeless,

We must never say die.

Salvation waits

Just beyond our gates,

From His windows

In the sky.

 By Sharon Marcus