One of the hallmarks of MTA is the Names, Not Numbers® course, which is taken as a Senior elective. Approximately two-thirds of the grade typically participate in this extremely meaningful program. Over the past several days, survivors have been coming to MTA to be interviewed by the talmidim who have been learning their stories prior to the in-person visit.

The survivors often say that they are happy to come tell their story, but the reality is, this program means so much more to the talmidim who get to learn from them. Those living today are the last generation that will be able to hear about the Holocaust first-hand from survivors. These interviews are filmed for future generations to learn from history. As it has become all too clear from recent events in Eretz Yisrael, “Never Again Is Now.”

It is our hope that as MTA continues this project, our talmidim will be armed with knowledge that will help them defend the Jewish people and its values against our enemies.