On a bitterly cold night in Whitestone, Queens, the American Legion Hall became the epicenter of a fervent political rally for Mazi Pilip, drawing a standing room only crowd. The event, hosted by NYC Councilwoman Vickie Paladino, brought together a notable roster of elected officials, signaling the importance of the upcoming elections. The GOP Chairs of Nassau, Queens, and New York State all converged with the elected representatives they worked so hard to put in office to ensure that Mazi beats Tom Suozzi on February 13.  

The rally kicked off with Councilwoman Paladino, who entered to a massive standing ovation that lasted for at least two minutes. Paladino has built this club over the last five years and turned that portion of Queen deep red - so much so that she secured reelection by over 20 points.  Paladino, as anyone who knows her, was not shy about issuing bold calls to action to ensure a Mazi victory: “Get on the train or get… out of our way because we will mow you down.”

The prevailing sentiment among the speakers was a rejection of the radical left and a passionate endorsement of Mazi Pilip. Paladino asserted, “We’ve just about had it with the radical left and what they are doing to our city, our state, and our country. And that’s why we need Mazi, because she won’t back down.” The importance of maintaining the congressional seat was underscored repeatedly, with speakers like NYS GOP Chairman Ed Cox and Nassau County GOP Chairman Joe Cairo emphasizing the need to secure a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

The event showcased the unity of various Republican officials from Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens, highlighting a collective mission for the 2024 elections. Bruce Blakeman praised Mazi as a fighter and stressed the importance of saving America from the influence of groups like “The Squad,” which he claimed were attempting to destroy American values.

Notably, the rally featured a diverse array of voices, including Queens County GOP Chairman Tony Nunziato, who expressed a commitment to carrying Queens for Mazi, emphasizing that it’s not about party affiliation but about supporting sanity over insanity. The crowd’s response was so overwhelming that even Joe Cairo humorously considered moving to Queens after the event.

Mazi Pilip, the star of the evening, received a standing ovation upon taking the stage. She passionately spoke about her love for America, her gratitude for being rescued from the Ethiopian civil war, and her commitment to preserving the country’s values. However, the rally was not without disruptions, as agitators attempted to interrupt Mazi’s speech. These incidents, notably absent during the speeches of other politicians, underscored the hypocrisy of the woke brigade. While they claim that every criticism against members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar is “racist” or “sexist” or “xenophobic,” there was no disruption while all the white men were speaking. They only shouted while the immigrant woman of color got on stage.  

GOP Elected Representatives in attendance

The hecklers were quickly escorted out by the furious crowd, who impulsively started chanting “USA! USA!”  Unlike the rest of the room, where blood boiled over, Mazi kept her cool and addressed the issue head-on with passion. ““I’m not against Palestinians or Muslims,” she said. “I’m against terrorist organizations. I’m against terrorist supporters trying to destroy our lives.  I’m against terrorist supporters taking down the American flag.  How dare they?”

Paladino also addressed the disruptions, emphasizing that the only way the disruptors could win was if they were allowed to. She urged the crowd not to let the narrative shift and reminded them that peaceful protest was a cornerstone of their values.

The Mazi Pilip rally at the Whitestone Republican Club was a powerful display of Republican unity, with elected officials from various levels of government coming together to support their candidate. The fervent energy in the room, despite the bitter cold outside, demonstrated the commitment of the attendees to their cause. As the February 13 special election rapidly approached, this rally served as a rallying cry for Republicans to stand united and work towards their common goal.

 By Moshe Hill