Kive I. Strickoff CPA, AIF® manages a Financial Planning and Wealthcare practice in Garden City, with offices in Manhattan and Florida.  Among other affiliations, he is active in FSI, the Financial Services Institute of Washington, D.C.  FSI is an organization which advocates on behalf of average American investors, as well as the financial advisors and broker dealers that serve them. 

Recently, FSI again sponsored its annual Capitol Hill event, whereby many financial advisors ascend to congressional offices to meet with our elected representatives.  Each year the goal varies, depending upon legislation in progress or to be proposed to the legislators. 

This past September 20th, Kive Strickoff was among other financial advisors from many States visiting to lobby with our respective elected representatives in Washington.  This year’s important topics for which they advocated, included our concern for the unintended consequences of proposed H.R. 5513 in determining whether an individual is an employee, and also S. 1481 The Financial Exploitation and Prevention Act of 2023, to protect Senior Citizens.  The latter legislation draft has already been passed almost unanimously by the House, and Mr. Strickoff and his colleagues were seeking to get the Senate to do so as well.  Mr. Strickoff visited the offices of our New York State Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, as well as Congressman Anthony D’Esposito and Nick Lalota, and also covered all of the topics in a personal meeting with House Representative Lawler. 

This is the 12th year that Mr. Strickoff has participated in these lobbying events visiting Capitol Hill, and he remarked that “we sometimes are very successful, and other times less so, but it is always worth the effort to get the word across and advocate for the important objectives to benefit the average American investor.”  Further, he said that “I enjoy the exercise of walking the hallways of the Congressional office buildings, and meeting with the people that might make a difference.  It is truly an energizing and fulfilling experience”

Mr. Strickoff is affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network, located in Massachusetts, and is licensed to provide financial and securities services in 14 states.  He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..