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The Twin Jerusalem Bombings: Where Is The Outcry? Where Is The Outrage?

On November 23, two bags filled with nails, shrapnel, and explosives were remotely detonated...

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On November 17, Rabbi Aviv Tzobari, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Ateret Cohanim Seminary in the so-called Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem - also known as “the citizen who neutralized the terrorist” - was praised for saving the day after two 20-year-old policemen were stabbed. Once again, Ateret Cohanim’s presence brought security and calm to all who live in Jerusalem. It highlights the fact that Jews living anywhere in the land of Israel especially in Judea and Samaria bring peace and tranquility to all inhabitants of the land. The Arabs won’t tell a reporter that publicly but privately they will tell anyone who asks that they are much better off today than pre-1967.  They feel one hundred percent more secure. This is not a narrative the media or radical politicians want to talk about. This lack of reality testing has hurt chances for peace more than anything else.

It has been a full year since President Biden declared victory over Donald Trump. To say the honeymoon is over is an understatement. The proof is in the Republican surge in the November 2 election just held, especially in Virginia, and in Biden’s approval ratings, sitting around 42% and dropping. Even President Biden’s trustworthy supporter and echo chamber, The New York Times, wrote, “Mr. Biden’s approval ratings have declined on nearly every issue, and among nearly every demographic group in national surveys over the last two months as the promise of a return to normalcy has given way to rising inflation, a simmering pandemic, gridlock in Washington, and chaos on the border and in Afghanistan.”

With the recent passing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, it is important to turn back a few pages and go down memory lane. The age of Colin Powell was, for the most part, America at its strongest and most decisive. It was an America that the America of today could truly learn from and aspire to become again.

The midterm elections historically have been a “lifesaver” for America. The year 2022 is shaping up to be just that. The United States is being thrown a major flotation device in order to survive. After the recent election in Georgia, which saw a victory by Glenn Youngkin for Governor over heavily favored Terry McAuliffe, and other Republican upsets, 2022 is coming into sharper focus.

Ever since November 4, 1979, when Iran took 52 US diplomats and citizens hostage, the Iranians have used hostage-taking as a means of extracting huge sums of money and political capital from the United States. President Jimmy Carter lost his election to President Ronald Reagan because of the hostage crisis and Carter’s failed attempt to free them; eight American servicemen were killed. It wasn’t coincidental that the hostages were released on the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.