Making Out of Network Psychotherapy with your Preferred Therapist Affordable

The year 2020 and Covid-19 have brought with it an unprecedented need for emotional support, whether it be from family or friends, or a mental health professional, therapist or psychiatrist. Dealing with emotional difficulties and mental illnesses like depression or anxiety, or coping with the challenges of daily life and relationships, the impact of trauma, medical illness or loss, can be a long and difficult journey. Sadly, mental health struggles have the power to suck the joy out of day-to-day life, to hinder our ability to be fully present in each moment, and to prevent us from connecting with our friends, spouses and children in a meaningful way. It can be an invisible, lonely and debilitating struggle.

For many, seeing a quality, out of network therapist to work through mental health challenges feels like a luxury that is unaffordable. Adding on an extra expense for therapy for yourself, your spouse or your children may seem untenable. If your preferred therapist does not take your health insurance, we can help you negotiate with your insurance plan to cover your therapy costs with your preferred, out of network therapist. As Insurance Advocates, we help psychotherapy patients, individuals, couples and children, negotiate with their insurance plan to collect reimbursements from their health insurance ranging from $150-$400 per session.

The quality of your life is where you live emotionally.” -- Tony Robbins. 

Tony Robbins reminds us that our quality of life is not governed by our material wealth, but by our emotional state. At AA Insurance Advocacy it is our passion to enhance the quality of your life by helping you afford therapy with a qualified and experienced therapist for as long as you need, without depleting your cash flow or savings. Alanna Apfel is the founder and patient advocate at AA Insurance Advocacy, which helps therapy patients, individuals, couples, and children, save thousands of dollars annually on their out of network mental health therapy bills with their preferred therapist. In the months that AA Insurance Advocacy has been advocating on behalf of patients, clients have collected anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 a year in reimbursements, depending on the cost and frequency of therapy. For additional information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..